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April 26, 2012
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Since spring has arrived and Texas experienced an above average winter be prepared for the mosquitos. What is the best way to avoid mosquito bites? Use an insect repellant.  There are three ingredients that are the best:  DEET, lemon eucalyptus, or picardin.

DEET is safe for kids but chose one with a 10 % to 30 % concentration of DEET. Use one with a lower concentration if only out for an hour or two. Use a higher concentration if going to be outside longer. Things to remember with DEET are that it should not be applied more than once a day and it is not intended for babies 2 months and younger.  DEET can be used on exposed skin, clothes, socks and shoes but avoid the faces or the hands of young children. Also do not use DEET as a combination product with sunscreen because sunscreen needs to be applied frequently and DEET should only be applied once.  The last thing to remember is to avoid spraying it around the mouth so that it will not be ingested.

The second repellant that is safe to use that can protect against mosquitos is picardin. It is often found in many insect repellants used in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. It can usually be found in the active ingredients under the name of KBR 3023.

The last repellant that is safe to use is oil of lemon eucalyptus which is also known as P-menthane diol or PMD. The thing to remember with this is not to use under the age of 3 years old.

We hope everyone enjoys the beautiful spring we are having and stay protected from those pesky mosquitoes.(Information obtained from

Betsy Dehart, MSN, RN, CPNP


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